Visakhapatnam is well connected with most of the places in India & around the World  by Road, Rail, Air and Sea.


Vizag Port

Gangavaram Port

Visakha Container Terminal


Railway Station

International Airport


Traffic free by widening existing roads, implementation of Rapid Bus Transportation System (BRTS), separate lanes for Two/Three wheelers & Four wheelers, footpaths for pedestrians, footover bridges, cycling tracks to be constructed. Multi-level Parking complexes to be constructed in the main areas of the city.

2 BRTS road corridors from Pendurthi to RTC complex via Hanumanthavaka and via Kancharapalem to be completed.

To prevent frequent traffic jams, roads to be widened at Jagadamba junction, Poornamarket, Dabagardens, Dwarakanagar, Akkayyapalem, Sankaramatham Road, Dondaparthy, Railway New Colony and Maddilapalem, Isakathota, Venkojipalem, Hanumanthawaka on NH-16. GVMC master plan proposal for inner Ring Road from Allipuram opp: railway reservation complex, South jail road, Rednam gardens, Ramnagar, Seven Hills hospital, Waltair main road, Siripuram, Sampath Vinayak temple road, RTC complex, Sangam sarat junction, Railway DRM office, Railway station, Railway reservation complex.

BRTS Corridors

Completion of 2 Corridors of Bus Rapid Transport System (BRTS) roads - 17.8 KMs Simhachalam Corridor ( Simhachalam, Adavivaram, Hanumanthawaka, Venkojipalem, Maddilapalem to RTC complex) and 23.24 Kms Pendurthi Corridor (Pendurthy, Vepagunta, Gopalapatnam, NAD kotha road, Kancharapalem to RTC complex). More than 8 years after launching work, the city still awaits the completion of BRTS roads. BRTS - a non-starter in the city - Court cases on land acquisition delay corridors work.

BRTS road from Hanumanthawaka Jn to Maddilapalem Jn not yet commenced and also the BRTS road at RTC complex near Chaitanya College not yet connected to the Subway. Construction of footover bridges / subways in the main junctions of BRTS corridor of Simhachalam i.e. at Hanumanthawaka, Isakathota, Maddilapalem, Ramatalkies Junctions and at Gopalapatnam, Marripalem, Kancharapalem, Railway station junctions of Pendurthy corridor, are to be commenced at the earliest.

Vizag to Bheemili - 4 lane beach road

As per R&B department, 4 lane road will be completed by May, 2017. The R&B department has been entrusted with the task of the expanding the existing Vizag-Bheemili last stretch of 9.6 kilometres between Ramadri and Bheemili at a cost of Rs 65 crore.

Completion of 4 lane road from Vizag to Bheemili beach, which will be useful for the development of Tourism and IT sector. 26 KMs stretch Vizag - Bheemili beach road Swarnandhra Sagara Theeram starting from Kailasagiri Ropeway, into a four lane corridor and develop necessary infrastructure to promote Tourism. Four laning the road, developing a 3mt central median with landscapping and 7.5 mt carriage way on either side, raised footpaths and kerbs, improvement of curves, widening of bridges and culverts, central lighting, view points on the beachfront at selected places are some of the salient features of the project.

Kailasagiri, Tenneti park, Jodugullapalem beach, Sagarnagar beach, Kartheekavanam/Yendada Beach, Rushikonda beach, Thotla konda, Bhavikonda, Mangamaripeta Beach, Erramatti Dibbalu, Bheemili Beach are the beautiful tourist spots on the Vizag - Bheemili beach corridor.

It is very much required for development of Tourism and IT. As per R&B department, 4 lane road will be completed by Feb, 2017. The R&B department has been entrusted with the task of the expanding the existing Vizag-Bheemili last stretch of 9.6 kilometres between Ramadri and Bheemili at a cost of Rs 65 crore.

Anandapuram to Anakapalli - 6 Lane National Highway 16 bypass road

01.03.2017: The long-pending project of widening the Anakapalli-Anandapuram road is likely to commence in July this year with the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) speeding up the land acquisition process. The existing double road will have certain portions developed into four-lane stretches while some portions will be developed into six-lane stretches to ease traffic woes faced by the people. Apart from the 50.6 km Anandapuram-Anakapalli highway, the NHAI has also taken up the widening project of the 13.6 km Sabbavaram-Sheelanagar port connectivity highway. Both the projects would cost Rs 3,000 crore including Rs 700 crore for land acquisition, sources said.

Once the road is widened, vehicles plying from Srikakulam to Rajahmundry can be diverted at Anandapuram to reach Anakapalli without passing through the city. Likewise, vehicles from Rajahmundry can be diverted from Anakapali to Anandapuram where the original Chennai-Kolkata highway connects. (Times of India e-paper - visakhapatnam city - dt:01.03.2017)

31.10.2016: Bids have been invited for Anandapuram-Ankapalle highway that has been on the cards for a long time now. The National Highways Authority of India has called for the bids on October 17 and December 1 is the last date for receipt. The Anakapalle-Sabbavaram-Pendurti road will be a six-lane road and the Sheelanagar-Sabbavaram four-lane is also a part of it. The two roads together come to a total of 63.48 km and the estimated cost is Rs.2,393 crore, according to NHAI officials.

21.10.2016 : Minister for Transport, Roads and Buildings Mr. Sidda Raghava Rao said that bids were invited for the Anandapuram-Anakapalle highway of 65 km, while inaugurating a seminar on “Urban Transport Corridors” here on Friday, he also said a smart city needed a transport system that was easy, convenient, accessible with low carbon footprint.

The Anandapuram-Anakapalli state highway will be converted into a six-lane national highway bypass from Anandapuram to Anakapalli via Sabbavaram at an estimated cost of Rs. 1000 crore, for which a detailed project report (DPR) will be prepared. The 48-km stretch will be able to divert the traffic from the congested City NH-16 road.

Completion of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for Anandapuram - Anakapalli Six Lane National Highway and call for tenders.

The Anandapuram-Anakapalli state highway will be converted into a six-lane national highway at an estimated cost of Rs 500 crore, for which a detailed project report (DPR) will be prepared. The 48-km stretch will be able to divert the traffic from the congested NH-16 from Anandapuram to Anakapalli via Sabbavaram.

Sheelanagar to Sabbavaram - 4 Lane Road

23.08.2016 : Union Minister for Shipping, Road Transport and Highways Mr. Nitin Gadkari said that the demand of port to link proposed Anandapuram to Anakapally 6 lane NH-16 by pass road to Port Connectivity Road at Sheelanagar from Sabbavaram would be considered at an estimated cost of Rs.500 crore.

25.05.2016 : Vizag Port Trust Chairman Mr. Krishna Babu said that Heavy Flyover is to be constructed in Vizag Smart City under Sagarmala Project. Central Govt has agreed in principle for this project and the Detailed Project Report (DPR) will be ready by next month end. Sheelanagar to Sabbavaram, 13 kms, with a cost of Rs. 500 crores, which is to be linked with the proposed Anandapuram to Anakapally 6 lane National Highway (NH-16) bypass road.

Flyovers / Footover Bridges / Subways

24.01.2017 - NAD Kotha Road Flyover: VUDA invites Remarks/Suggestions for the proposed Flyover @ NAD Kotha Road. The Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority (VUDA) invites REMARKS / SUGGESTIONS on the Preliminary Inception report prepared by the consultant for “Development of Flyover at NAD Junction, Visakhapatnam. The Preliminary Inception report is available in the VUDA website (www.vuda.gov.in). Interested public are requested to submit their REMARKS / SUGGESTIONS ( OR ) ALTERNATIVE PROPOSAL for the development of Flyover at NAD Junction, Visakhapatnam on or before 27.01.2017 to the Vice Chairman, VUDA, 9th Floor, Udyog Bhavan Complex, Siripuram Junction,Visakhapatnam-530 003,Mobile No: 9959500187. E-mail:vcvuda@yahoo.com & cevudavsp@yahoo.com (Source: VUDA website).

13.01.2017 : Public opinion to be sought on NAD Kotha Road flyover design.

NAD Kotha Road Flyover - Several months after government announced taking up construction of a flyover at the NAD Kotha Road- one of the busiest junctions in the city- the design is yet to be finalised. To take into consideration all opinions and technical aspects, VUDA now intends to keep the design on its website. "In the next few days the design that has been discussed widely and presented to the Chief Minister will be placed on the website and public opinion will be invited," sources told. After the process of public consultation is completed, finally it will be placed before the Chief Minister again. Tenders are expected to be called after finalsing the design for the construction of flyover the need for which is felt for a long time now, say sources. With the highway running through the city connecting the industrial area and the populous Gajuwaka and the airport located past NAD and air traffic increasing multi-fold, the busy junction has been a bottleneck. The flyover is among several projects VUDA is tasked by the Chief Minister to take up raising funds. The estimated cost is Rs.150 crore.

Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority (VUDA) inviting tenders for Consultancy Services for Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) including Planning, Design, and Engineering along with Architectural finishings of 4-Lane Flyover at NAD junction in Vizag Smart City. Consultants have to submit their sealed Tenders on or before 17-02-2016 3.00 PM. 01.06.2016 : 2 designs ready for NAD Kotha Road Flyover in Vizag Smart City. 1st design would cost Rs. 120 cr and the other Rs. 200 cr. The Consultant prepared two concept plans / designs. The final plan will be finalized within 2 months and the tenders are expected to be called in the next 6 months. The existing 4-road junction at NAD, which is an intersection of NH-16 and arterial road of Marripalem - Pendurthi, has been experiencing a lot of moment of vehicular traffic. The Junction is experiencing a lot of traffic jams with the rise in city traffic and it is estimated that Passenger Car Units (PCU) at the junction are almost reaching 10000.

Old Gajuwaka Flyover - To control the traffic jam in Gajuwaka area, flyover from Malkapuram to New Gajuwaka is required.

Flyover at Tech Mahindra / Wipro Jn - Flyover from Ramatalkies  to Seethammadhara is required to prevent frequent traffic jam at Wipro/Tech Mahindra Junction.

Flyover at Maddilapalem Jn - Flyover from Maddilapalem to Isakathota Jn is required to prevent frequent traffic jams.

Flyover at Hanumanthawaka Junction - Flyover starting from Venkojipalem Jn to Old Dairy farm.

Subway / Footover bridge is required at Lankelapalem Junction.

Subway / Footover bridge is required at Jagadamba Junction.

Footover bridge is required at Dabagardens Main Road.

Footover bridge is required at Railway Station Junction.

Footover bridge is required at Dwarakanagar Main Road.

Footover bridge is required at BRTS Road, Maddilapalem Junction. Construction of a Foot Over bridge with escalator and steps at BRTS road, Maddilapalem Junction between AU Engineering college entrance gate and CMR Central side Road, which is very much essential . Now a days, it is very difficult for the pedestrians to cross the road at CMR central Jn due to heavy traffic.

Footover bridge to be constructed at Gopalapatnam Petrol Bunc Junction.

Subway / Footover bridge is required at Pendurthy Junction.

Metro Rail Project

20.12.2016: VUDA may take auction route to raise funds. Urban Development Authority told to bear 13 p.c of the project cost. With the State government making VUDA responsible for raising part of the resources required for the ambitious Metro rail project, the Visakhapatnam Urban Development Authority may go in for auction of land to raise funds. The Metro Rail project for which various studies have been completed is estimated to cost Rs. 13,000 crore for about 45 km stretch. While part of the funds comes from the government, a major chunk is to be borne by the agency selected with Vizag Metro proposed under the Public Private Partnership model. Detailed project report - The detailed project report on the three Metro corridors, withthe Delhi Metro Rail Corporation as consultants, was prepared and submitted to the State government in August 2015 and approved by the State Cabinet. It is now under appraisal of the Union government.

21.10.2016: Urban Mass Transit Co.Ltd (UMTCL) is appointed as a Consultant for VIZAG METRO RAIL PROJECT for preparation of Comprehensive Mobility Plan, with a consultancy charges of Rs. 50 lakhs. Urban and Municipal Administration Chief Secretary, Mr. Karikala Valavan has been issued orders in this regard.

12.08.2016: Rs. 13,488-cr. Vizag Metro to be unique PPP - Schedule Bidding for EOI: In two months, Selecting developer: 6 to 8 months, Civil works and rolling stock: In 30 months, Completion of project: 3 to 4 years The proposed Visakhapatnam Metro Rail Project will be a unique one in the Public Private Partnership (PPP). The idea is to make the project more sustainable for the developer and affordable for the public, according to Amaravati Metro Rail Corporation (AMRC) MD NP. Ramakrishna Reddy. “The State government will be contributing to 20 per cent of the Rs.13,488 crore in the form of government land which is abundantly available in Visakhapatnam. Another 20 per cent of the cost will come from the Central government. The rest of the burden will be borne by the private developer,” Mr. Ramakrishna Reddy told The Hindu .

28.07.2016: Central & State Governments have decided to construct the Vizag Metro Rail Project under PPP basis. Hopefully, the first phase corridor from Kommadi to Gajuwaka should alteast commence by early next year. Amaravati Metro Rail Corporation MD, Mr. Ramakrishna Reddy, who is also looking after the Vizag Metro Rail project works, visited the Metro Rail project corridors in the City along with the officials of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation, also met the District Collector, Mr. Pravin Kumar regarding land acquisition for metro project. Revised project cost is Rs. 13,488 crores, out of this 20% sanctioned by Central Govt as grant, 20% state government's share and the balance 60% from private companies.

State Govt.of Andhra Pradesh had submitted the Detailed Project Rerport (DPR) for Vizag Metro Rail Project prepared by DMRC, to the Union Govt. The Union Cabinet has to approve the project and also to be decided which organisation would be funding the project.

State Govt.of AP has sent a proposal to the Central Govt for their approval to obtain a loan of Rs. 6,371 crores from Japan International Cooperative Agency (JICA) and also Union Urban Development Ministry's approval for the Metro Project and form a special purpose vehicle to start the Metro Work.

Total estimated cost of the Vizag Metro Rail Project is Rs. 13,488 crores.Total Corridors - 3. Total Kms - 42.55

Metro Rail Project get Govt.of AP's Cabinet Nod on 16.11.2015.

Vizag Smart City Metro Rail Project gets Govt. of Andhra Pradesh Cabinet nod. The project works, which will be started in the early 2016, are expected to be completed the first phase (Madhurawada to Gajuwaka corridor) by end Dec,2018 and the remaining two corridors (Thatichetlapalem to Old Post Office via Railway Station, Gurudwara to Park Hotel) by end 2020.

According to sources, it would take atleast another 3-4 months for the DPR to get the Union Urban Development Ministry's nod and form a special purpose vehicle to entrust the responsibility of Metro Work.

Detailed Project Report (DPR) submitted by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) for Metro Rail Project on 12.09.2015.

Metro Rail Detailed Project Report (DPR) submitted by Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) Chief Mr. Sreedharan to the Chief Minister, Mr. Chandrababu Naidu on 12.09.2015 and the Chief Minister accepted the DPR as it is and announced that the project will be constructed by DMRC. 49% of the funds will be arranged by Central & State Govts and the balance 51% funds will be sourced as loan from International organisations.

  • Total Corridors - 3. Total Kms - 42.55 - Total Project Cost - Rs. 12,727 crores and the metro rail to be completed in two phases by December, 2018.
  • First Corridor - Kommadi to Gajuwaka - 30.39 kms. Total 22 stations in this corridor.
  • Second Corridor - Gurudwara Jn to Old Post Office - 5.25 kms - Total 7 stations in this corridor.
  • Third Corridor - Thatichetlapalem Jn to China Waltair East Point Colony - 6.91 kms - Total 9 stations in this corridor.


18.12.2016: Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has set up an Executive Lounge at Visakhapatnam station, a first of its kind in the Eastern Zone. Built over an area of 2710 square feet, the swanky lounge is situated on first floor of platform number one near the booking counter and it provides a string of facilities, both chargeable and complimentary.

The fully air conditioned executive lounge is equipped with all the modern facilities such as recliner chair, Business Centre with Internet access, free Wi-Fi, Train Information Display, TV, bathroom with modern faucets and fittings and wash and change facility. IRCTC has empanelled Travel Food Services Pvt. Ltd, a leading service provider, for providing these facilities in the lounge. The rate for initial entry (for 2 hours) into the lounge is Rs.150. Subsequently for every hour an additional Rs. 50 will be charged. The facilities include two hours stay, free Wi-Fi, soft beverages (tea/coffee/refreshers), newspaper and magazine reading, train Information display, TV, toilets.

The facility for recliner chair is chargeable. Thus a customer has to pay Rs 400 for entry in the lounge and use of recliner chair. Further, Rs 250 will be charged for every additional hour. The buffet breakfast is charged at Rs.150 with a variety to choose from. The lunch and dinner buffet is priced at Rs.250. There is also a convenience store in the lounge which offers foods, drinks, confectionery, travel accessories, local favorites, snacks and souvenirs.

30.03.2016 : EcoR announced the availability of Free Wi-Fi services in Vizag Smart City Railway station. The Wi-Fi services are available from PF-1 to PF-8 with the name RailWire Wi-Fi and the speed is 65 mbps. The Railway Authorities have installed 60 Wi-Fi points, out of this, 19 points are in the PF No. 1.

08.08.2016 - Two lifts commissioned and also inaugurated the renovated AC lounge on PF-8 on Sunday (07.08.2016)

Visakhapatnam City & Duvvada Railway stations are to be developed by installing escalators, lifts, provide basic facilities to the passengers. In Visakhapatnam, railways has the biggest Loco Shed and an excellent Coach Maintenance Depot and also abundant land bank near the Railway Station.

Visakhapatnam Railway station is under Waltair Division and East Coast Railway Zone, runs trains to all the major cities viz., Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Trivendrum, Mumbai, Kolkata and Delhi in the Country.

Vadlapudi Wagon Workshop

Construction of the wagon periodical overhauling (WPO) workshop at Vadlapudi under Waltair division of East Coast Railway is likely to start in the next fiscal as the Union railway budget sanctioned 80 crore to the project. The project is expected to be completed by 2020. At present, Andhra Pradesh has one such workshop at Vijayawada. Vizag's will be second and first modern workshop with advanced facilities in the state. The Railway Vikas Nigam Limited (RVNL), which was entrusted with the task of developing the project, had completed its ground survey and preparation of the detailed project report (DPR). The DPR has been approved by the Railway Board and subsequently, the railway ministry gave its nod to start construction within the next few months, railway sources said.

"The massive budget allocation to WPO in the new fiscal is a good sign. We will take up construction of the workshop on a prioritised basis," ECoR divisional railway manager Chandralekha Mukherjee told.The project was sanctioned in 2015-16 at a cost of 213.97 crore. The ministry sanctioned 30 crore in the same budget to begin the works. However, work got delayed due to many reasons and has now resumed with the sanction of 80 crore in the new budget.

Initially, ECoR was in-charge of the project, which was later handed over to the Workshop Projects Organisation in Patna. Now, the Railway Board has handed it over to RVNL."The WPO is a major project of the railways. It will be a boon to Vizag, which is going to be developed as a smart city. The workshop can attend to generation, repair and maintenance of wagons of passenger trains, goods and oil tankers. Modern facilities will be added to the workshop," a senior railway official said. Initially, ECoR was in-charge of the project, which was later handed over to the Workshop Projects Organisation in Patna. Now, the Railway Board has given it to RVNL. (Source: Article published in Railnews.in dt:22.03.2017)

International Air Port

06.04.2017 : Vizagites often fly to Hyd, Bengaluru, Delhi & Chennai - Even as 2 million passengers travelled via Visakhapatnam Airport in the last calendar year, Hyderabad followed by Bengaluru, Delhi and Chennai are among the most favoured cities by air passengers from the port city in 2016.

23.02.2017 : Visakhapatnam Airport have witnessed and increase of around 42% growth rate in the last year. The airport has handled 2.1 million passengers including domestic and international during the 2016 calendar year. Domestic air traffic in 2016 was around 20 lakh as against 14 lakh in 2015, international air passengers at Vizag dropped from 1.1 lakh in 2015 to around 1 lakh in 2016. The dropped rate of international passenger traffic is due to the pull out of Malindo Air, which was operating flights between Vizag and Kuala Lumpur, in February 2016. Vizag Airport handled around 50 flights on an average each day in 2016 as compared to around 40 flights on an average in 2015. This clearly indicates that there is a visible growth in the standards of the city.

08.09.2016 : Vizagites want better global air connectivity - Sri Lankan Airlines, Air Arabia did a survey on air traffic. Vizag International Airport top among the four airports in terms of passenger traffic. In 2015-16, Vizag International Airport witnessed international footfall of 1.21 lakh as against 59,995 passengers in 2014-15.

24.08.2016 : * Passenger traffic crossed 18 lakhs during this year. * New Terminal building and Entrance for the domestic travellers. * Constructing 6 New Bays for Aeroplanes parking with a cost of Rs. 60 crores. * More National and International flight services soon. * Separate terminals for Domestic and International travellers.

Expansion of Visakhapatnam International Airport is very much required because many international airlines are going to operate their flights from Visakhapatnam and also domestic traffic is increasing day by day.

10.02.2016 : Vizag Smart City's International Airport to get 'A' grade airport status soon, as the passenger traffic crossed 15 lakhs in the year 2015. Airport's Authority of India (AAI) taking steps to develop the Airport by construction of Six more parking bays, which will facilitate parking of 12 Aeroplanes at a time. Existing runway is 10030 ft and they want to expand another 300 ft and 3 more Aerobridges. Already various International Airline companies operating their flights to Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Kaulalumphur, Port Blair and also they are interested to operate Boeing 747, Airbus 340 and Air India Dreamliner from Vizag International Airport.

To start the International Air Cargo operations and construction of Air Cargo Complex at the Visakhapatnam International Air Port. At present most of the cargo is routed through either Chennai or Hyderabad.

Air cargo from the city consists of seafood, pharmaceutical units as well as apparel and jewellery manufacturers based in Vizag require the facility. Moreover, the city airport lacks a radioactive material shed, hazardous cargo shed, live animal shed, cold storage or walk-in coolers and a centre for perishable cargo.

Expansion of existing Airport is required to meet the traffic increasing day by day of in both Domestic  & International flights and also to start the International Air Cargo Complex operations at the air port.

Vizag Smart City's International Airport to get 'A' grade airport status soon, as the passenger traffic crossed 15 lakhs in a year. Airport's Authority of India (AAI) taking steps to develop the Airport by construction of Six more parking bays, which will facilitate parking of 12 Aeroplanes at a time. Existing runway is 10030 ft and they want to expand another 300 ft and 3 more Aerobridges. Already various International Airline companies operating their flights to Dubai, Singapore, Malaysia, Kaulalumphur, Port Blair and also they are interested to operate Boeing 747, Airbus 340 and Air India Dreamliner from Vizag International Airport.

Last year April to August passenger traffic is 4,64,548 and this year  for the same period is 6,77,779, there is an increase of 2,13,231 passengers.In the month of September 2015, 2,13,231 passengers travelled from Vizag International Air Port.

From Visakhapatnam International Airport various Domestic Air lines operating their services to Vijayawada, Tirupati, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Raipur, Bhubaneswar, Kochi, Port Blair, Srinagar and various International Airlines operating their flight to different destinations in the World. Air India to Dubai, Silk air to Singapore and Air Asia to Kaulalumphur.

Domestic air cargo complex operations started at Visakhapatnam International Airport.

Port of Visakhapatnam

02.04.2017 : The Visakhapatnam Port Trust (VPT) has registered a growth of 7% by handling 61.02 million tonnes during 2016-17 fiscal as compared to 57.03 million tonnes in 2015-16. The VPT witnessed an incremental traffic of 4 million during 2016-17 fiscal, coming back on the growth trajectory after a lapse of five years despite severe competition from neighbouring ports and volatile economic conditions.

Visakhapatnam Port is one of the leading major ports in India.  The port is located in the east coast of India. The port has three harbours viz., outer harbour, inner harbour and fishing harbour.  The port has 24 berths.  Passenger ship from Vizag port to Port Blair (Andaman Nicobar Ilands).

Visakhapatnam Port Trust has mooted construction of an elevated freight corridor from VCTPL near Fishing Harbour to Convent Junction to decongest city roads. VPT Chairman M.T. Krishna Babu says funding for the project will be sought under Sagarmala project. A flyover up to a length of eight km is proposed to decongest traffic via Three Horse Junction, St. Aloysius School Junction and seven-metre high compound wall of the port.

In a significant development, Visakhapatnam Port Trust (VPT) has sought funding for an elevated freight corridor (EFC) under the ambitious Sagarmala project of the Central government to decongest traffic on National Highway. The project, which is in conception stage, envisages laying corridor linking Port Connectivity Road, Gangavaram Port and join highway on Anandapuram-Anakapalle route via Sabbavaram to ensure speedy evacuation of cargo. The project will cost around Rs.800 crore.“We have submitted a report to the Centre. Depending on the response, the modalities will be worked out for implementation of the project mainly aimed at avoiding choking of highway in the city limits,” Visakhapatnam Port Chairman M.T. Krishna Babu . Visakhapatnam Port Trust, one of the 12 major ports in the government sector, is investing huge amount mostly in PPP mode to achieve a cargo handling capacity of 125 million tonne in next three years.

Visakhapatnam Port Trust is planning to set up a Multilevel Logistics Park near Anakapalli in a 400 acres of land with a capital cost of Rs. 500 crores, which will be the first Logistics park in the East Coast of India. This park will be useful for storage/distribution of items imported from Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand and Australia to the various destinations in the Country. It also fulfil the market needs of 7 States within the range of 600 Kms from Visakhapatnam. 25 Kms long railway line also to be laid from the Vizag Port to the proposed logistics park. In this Logistics park, facilities like warehousing, cold storage, assembling, packing units facilities also to be provided. With this proposed International Standard Logistics Park, Visakhapatnam will become the International Business Center. Government of Andhra Pradesh has allotted 400 acres land to Visakhapatnam Port Trust for setting up Logistics Park near Anakapally.

In a landmark achievement, Visakhapatnam Port Trust received a fully laden gearless Panamax vessel with a draft of 14 metres in the inner harbour on Monday (28.09.2015), signalling the completion of long-awaited capital dredging. This is a highly challenging task involving rock dredging because of which the project conceived 2009 got delayed. This is, perhaps, the first-of-its-kind in the world going by the need for large volume of rock dredging for which several foreign companies had expressed apprehensions over its success.

The Visakhapatnam Port Trust recorded a cargo of 58.04 MT during the Financial Year 2014-15 retaining its fifth rank among other ports with Kandla occupying the top spot followed by Paradeep, JNPT and Mumbai.

06.04.2016 : Ministry of Environment and Forests has approved the expansion of container terminal. The estimated project cost is Rs. 633.11 crore and the work will be commenced soon. Visakha Container Terminal Pvt Ltd (VCTPL) will take up this project. Also, Vizag Port proposed to modernize the Oil Refinery berths OR1 and 2 with an estimated project cost of Rs. 200 crore in the next two to three years.

16.04.2016 : The Maritime India Summit, 2016 in Mumbai proved to be a big boost to the Visakhapatnam Port Trust as it has signed five MoUs with various organisations on Friday. The MoUs and the modernisation programme of the port would boost its capacity to 125 MT in the near future. The MoUs were signed by Deputy Chairman of VPT with representatives of the organisations in the presence of Union Minister for Shipping Nitin Gadkari, Secretary to Ministry of Shipping Rajive Kumar and Chairman of VPT M.T. Krishna Babu.

The VPT has signed an MoU with Visakha Container Terminal Pvt Ltd. for establishment of second container terminal with an investment of Rs. 633 crore on PPP mode and entered into another MoU with HPCL on allotment of land for expansion of the latter’s refinery capacity.

The third MoU was with ITD Cementation for reconstruction of EQ2 to EQ5 berths . The project is expected to be completed in the next 24 months. VPT and a JV between it and NHAI, the Visakhapatnam Port Road Company, agreed on an MoU for extension of the two-lane road connectivity to NH-16 into four lane . The fifth MoU was between VPT and Balmer & Lawrie for establishing Multimodal Logistic Park on 100 acres of VPT land.

25.05.2016 : Vizag Port Trust Chairman Mr. Krishna Babu said that Two Heavy Flyovers to be constructed in Vizag Smart City under Sagarmala Project. Central Govt has agreed in principle for this project and the Detailed Project Report (DPR) will be ready by next month end. 1. Convent Junction to inside the Port for free flow of heavy vehicle traffic into the Port, with an estimated cost of Rs. 100 crores. 2. Sheelanagar to Sabbavaram, 13 kms, with a cost of Rs. 500 crores, which is to be linked with the proposed Anandapuram to Anakapally 6 lane National Highway (NH-16) bypass road.

14.10.2016 : The port handled 30.67 million tonnes in the first half of current financial year compared to last year's 27.64 million tonnes. The marginal increase in throughput and completion of mechanisation of some of the berths has also given the hope that the port would achieve 61 million tonnes target set by the Ministry of Shipping for the current year 2016-17. The total cargo handled last year 2015-16 was 57.03 million tonnes.

21.11.2016 : 21.11.2016: Four VPT berths set for 'makeover'. As part of its modernisation move, the Visakhapatnam Port Trust (VPT) has started the process of decommissioning the four berths from EQ 2 to 5 and constructing two new berths in their place in the inner harbour of the major port. The contract for decommissioning of four old berths and construction of two new berths has been awarded to ITD Cementation, VPT officials said, adding that the work is expected to be completed in the next two years. VPT sources said that initially EQ 2 and EQ 3 are being decommissioned.

Gangavaram Port

Gangavaram Port is the deepest all weather port in India with round the clock operations.

State of the art cargo handling equipment.

Central Control Room controlling all the mechanized cargo.

Most advanced RADAR system with AIS.

An Environmental friendly port.

A truly next generation Port.

Visakha Container Terminal

22.04.2016 : First vessel named after City of Destiny, Vizag Smart City - SSL Visakhapatnam. Haribabu flags off SSL Visakhapatnam after its maiden call at VPT. In line with the growing importance of the city, an Indian flag 24000 DWT container cargo vessel has been named after the city. SSL Visakhapatnam of Bombay-based Shreyas Shipping and Logistics Limited was flagged off after its maiden call at the Visakhapatnam Port by Visakhapatnam MP Khambampati Haribabu here on Thursday. The 1,613 TEU capacity vessel carrying over 1,000 containers set sail the from city to connect to Jebel Ali and Mundra, as part of the fixed day weekly coastal shipping service being provided by the liner.

Visakhapatnam Container Terminal is the India's fastest emerging prominent destination for global trade 'Containerisation' and the vision is to evolve as a Regional hub on the East Coast of India.

Visakhapatnam Port Trust believes that with the completion of extension of Visakha Container Terminal with an investment of Rs.633 crore, the demand for container cargo will witness a quantum jump in the next two to three years.

Container service from Vizag port to Yangon port in Myanmar from September 4, 2015.

Simatech extend its service to Vizag.  Simatech, a pioneer in feeder service in the Gulf, Indian Sub-Continent, Far East and East Arica has extended its service to Visakhapatnam.  With the addition of Simatech service, the city now has the unique distinction of having all the prominent feeder operators deploying their weekly services connecting Colombo, Singapore and Jebel Ali.  The service will utilize four 2000-TEU container ships, with three vessels deployed by Simatech and remaining one operated by Evergreen Line.  The port rotation of the service is Vizag-Krishnapatnam-Chennai-Colombo-Cochin-Jebel Ali-Sohar-Cochin-Colombo-Vizag.  The weekly service will be operated on every Tuesday at Visakha Container Terminal.

Direct cargo container operations started from Visakha Container Terminal to Jebel Ali Port, Dubai & Sohar Port, Oman  by  Evergreen Line, fifth largest shipping company in the World. The team members stated that they were planning for commercial container operations from Visakhapatnam to Dubai. Earlier, they visited Visakha Container Terminal to study its operations.

Multi Model Logistics Park (MMLP)

26.02.2017 : Andhra Pradesh's first Multi Modal Logistics Park (MMLP) being promoted by Container Corporation of India Ltd (Concor) started its operations here in Vizag on Saturday i.e. 25.02.2017. The Union government had committed Rs 500 crore to set up an MMLP in the port city after bifurcation to enhance the container cargo handling capacity.Situated close to Vizag Airport along the national highway, the MMLP was inaugurated by East Coast Railway's Waltair divisional railway manager Chandralekha Mukherjee. The DRM said the railways would extend all support to the MMLP for hassle-free movement of containers on railway lines to various destinations across the country from here.

"Two container cargo trains were operated on a trial basis in the past three weeks. Now, a train carrying empty containers has successfully left for Vedanta Alumina plant at Brundamal in Odisha from the MMLP here on Saturday. The railways is committed to promoting container traffic. I urge the industries to use the railways from the MMLP to reduce their logistics and inventory costs," Chandralekha Mukherjee said. "Also, travelling by rail is six times energy efficient and two to three times economical than road transport," Chandralekha Mukherjee said.

MM Yelvender Yadav, general manager (engineering) of Concor and head of the MMLP Visakhapatnam, said Concor earlier used the Vizag Port and Visakha Container Terminal Pvt Ltd with their available warehouse space of nearly 20,000 square feet. Now, Concor has developed the MMLP on 105 acres of land for Rs 500 crore.

"We have so far invested Rs 300 crore to develop the MMLP and we will invest the balance Rs 200 crore in the next phase. We have so far built a container freight station and a warehouse with 50,000 square feet space. We are planning to handle 50 to 60 rakes (trains) in a month to various parts of the country from here. It will be of great use to the small, medium and large scale industrial units in the city and its neighbouring districts," Yadav said. The administrative office of Concor is currently located near the Sea Horse Junction close to Vizag Port and it will be shifted to the MMLP soon, Yadav said.